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Our Client Services


girl with acne applying skincare
✔ cystic, bacterial, fungal acne
✔ unique holistic approach
✔ sensitive skins
✔ award-winning medical grade skincare
✔ real progress


girl applying skincare
✔ ultra-luxurious massage
✔ patented bioengineered products
✔ guaranteed results
✔ gentle prescription for all skin types


girl smiling with lash extensions
each lash is custom-fanned on the spot.
✔ 0% damage
✔ 100% comfort & customisation
✔ 4+ weeks retention
✔ 110% satisfaction


girl admiring her brows
✔ tailored sculpting
✔ custom tint
✔ crisp lines
✔ thickness control

Our Values

Nothing is more important to us than respecting the integrity of our natural hair and skin, our clinical yet pampering approach work deep and slow to preserve your long-term aesthetic health.

— Our Philosophy


we foster a judgement-free zone so both clients and therapists comfortably feel at home


we’re passionate about our craft so you are consistently receiving the best of our ability


consistency is key. we do our due diligence to ensure you receive the same great service at every visit

What is a Corneotherapist?

A Corneotherapist is someone who practices the remedial skin treatment methodology of Corneotherapy. A Corneotherapist will have extended knowledge of the anatomy, physiology, histology and morphology of the skin and be trained in analysing and determining the causes of skin conditions, relating them to extrinsic and intrinsic factors.

The methodology of Corneotherapy requires a greater understanding of the skin than beauty therapy training provides as its focus is the repair and maintenance of the skin barrier defence systems rather than the simple application of moisturisers. Prescription solutions are tailored to the specific condition and is as physiologically compatible with the integument as possible, and uninfluenced by the marketing hype of conventional cosmetics.

Handmade vs Premade Lashes


Handmade fans are carefully curated by experienced lash artists in the traditional Russian method. Each and every fan is made on the spot customised to your natural lash. Unlike thick premade fans, handmade fans mean that the base is thinner, minimal and fresh glue is used for sustainable lash health so that you never have to worry about damage while enjoying light-weight lashes as if they’re not even there. A thinner base also helps the artist to wrap the fan around your natural lash for stronger adhesion and retention, less twisting and turning at the 3rd or 4th week. Fans also stay open and fluffy throughout its wear, they do not close in like premade fans which are faster, cheaper and easier to apply. Switching to handmade fans also mean that the style is super customisable and flattering to the natural eye shape, allowing flexibility for shorter lengths.

Client Testimonials

dr shabana holding elle aesthetics products in brisbane studio
Dr Shabana, PA Hospital

“Really enjoyed my facials with Shantelle! I have been coming here for the past 3 months. I get the cool peel and blackhead extraction with the peptide mask. There has been a sign of significant decrease in the amount of blackheads and my skin feels healthy. The sessions are really good and relaxing. Always gives me a boost of energy for the day! Shantelle gives great head and neck massages. She is very approachable, I always text away if I need any advice or rescheduling. She is very professional and transparent with her services. So far, it has been and enjoyable experience, I am looking forward to glowier healthy skin.”

man holding elle aesthetics products in studio
@sibaralzaherphd, Instagram Influencer

“The facial was an incredibly relaxing experience, and the products felt and smelled delightful. To top it off, I never knew my skin could feel so smooth and supple.”

thatkfcgirl tiktok famous influencer with elle aesthetics lashes
@thatkfcgirl, TikTok Influencer

“Just so you can see how well they’ve held up this is my lashes now! They withheld the ocean, snorkeling and the pool everyday. Also extreme heat!”

girl holding elle aesthetics products in studio
Anja, Director of Ignite Remedial

“I had an amazing facial on the weekend. It was my first time and it was amazing. The salon is beautiful and clean and the staff is knowledgeable and caring. I loved my treatment and will definitely be back. Thank you”

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